A carry-on case that turns into a wheelchair,
providing travel independence for people with reduced mobility,
as it is with you all the way.
Traveller Chair is a new innovation bringing freedom to the traveller with reduced mobility. Before our web store goes live, we're running a crowd-funding campaign with discounted early-bird prices. Sign-up to our mailing list to be the first to find out.
£485 £435
Worldwide Shipping
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100% In Attendance

Full ownership, 100% in attendance wherever you travel, however you travel. Traveller Chair is
with you all the way.

Better Travel Experience

Reduced waiting times at airports. Reduced stress.
No reliance on third parties. Increased self-esteem.

Intuitive Design

Transforms from a case to a chair in under 30 seconds.
Holds travel essentials in both modes and meets the carry-on requirements for 40+ airlines.

Traveller Independence for People with Reduced Mobility

Improving Your Travel Experience

Reduced Wait Times

Set the pace of your travel experience with reduced waiting times and more freedom to explore the departure lounge.

Reduced Stress

Greater independence, reduced stress, improved self-esteem - a must have purchase for the mobility challenged traveller.

100% In Attendance

Traveller Chair is with you at all times, meaning you're not relying on third-party providers or handing over your chair not knowing how long you will have to wait to get it back and continue with your journey.

Carry-on Case Mode

Travel Essentials

Designed to store 72-hours worth of travel essentials in both case and chair mode.

Lightweight Construction

Traveller Chair's lightweight aluminium construction means it can easily be carried using the provided shoulder strap.

Document Wallet

Easy-access pockets mean you and your companion can easily reach your travel documents at all times.

More Time Together

Plan with Confidence

With Traveller Chair nothing stands in your way. Plan your next trip knowing that you're in control.

More Time Together

Reduced waiting times mean that you can spend more time relaxing and exploring, creating more perfect memories.

Designed from Experience

Inventor/Engineer Richard Williams and his wife Jane love to travel together. Traveller Chair is Richard's solution to their repeatedly terrible experience at airports.


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